Advantages or Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Do you know that nomads used carpeting during the earlier years as protection from cold weather, considered as status symbol, a sign of wealth or prestige by noble men before? But in our modern times, carpet flooring is viewed in a different way. Mostly, it is use for many different purposes – purposes which is somewhat will give a great advantage and of a great value to you whatever type of carpeting you are using, whether it is woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted or flat weave.

Good Insulator against Cold Weather:
Have you ever experienced that fuzzy feeling – covered with a mass of short fine hairs or soft fibers while lying on your carpet flooring or while walking barefooted? Generally, it gives warmth and comfort especially during winter season. It can also help to reduce the cost of electric bills just because you are using your heaters all day long until night during a very cold day. You can turn your heaters off if you feel the warmth of your carpet is enough to resist the chilly and uncomfortably low temperature. 

Carpet Offers Matchless Low Price versus Hardwood Flooring

Compared to hardwood and tiles, carpet low price per square foot is still unbeatable. If you will question its durability, carpets nowadays are manufactured with an excellent and exceptional quality. Thus the money you spent for your carpeting adds value to your home. It is not a waste of money either. Hardwood floors costs ranges from $5 to $15 per square foot compared to cheaper carpet for as low as $1 per sq. ft. or even lesser than a dollar. The price varies depending on the quality and widths of boards of wood. If you will consider its installation cost, hardwood or laminate flooring is more costly compared to carpet flooring where there are carpet flooring companies that can offer free carpet installation service when you purchase carpet from them. 

Carpeting Can Be As Good As Woofer As Sound Resistant
Carpeting can also trap and absorb any form of sounds. You may want to use wall to wall carpeting as a sound proof especially if you are living in an apartment or condominium and you don’t want to hear your noisy neighbors or you may wish those who living upstairs to at least put some carpeting so you won’t hear their thumping footsteps. Carpeting can lessen the noise and is even more advantageous if you have young children. It can certainly minimize their loud voices during their playtime.

It Provides Protection
Well, hard surfaces (i.e. hardwood/laminate, stone, ceramic tiles and others) are very popular for a long time already. But the question is who will use your hard surface flooring? If you are a homeowner with young children or if you have senior companions in your home, it is wiser to consider their safety. Children are naturally active and playful. Chances are there were times they may slip, slide and even fall. And so as with our seniors, they are already weak enough to stand against wet floors or have a hard time to get a good balance in slippery areas or smooth surfaces. Carpeting is a clever choice to protect them against possible fatal injuries. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Institutions like schools (with preschool, kindergarten up to middle school years), nursing homes, home for the aged, hospitals and even private homes with very young children, carpeting is the best alternative flooring for their maximum safety.

Decorating and Redecorating Is Possible
Carpets can create a natural atmosphere in your home with its different types, styles, textures and colors available in the market. You can decorate your home now depending on your taste or desired look. Carpet industry has provided us unlimited options to choose from. If you try to visit carpet depot or retail store, there are number of designs that you can incorporate to your room decor, walls and furniture. If you are not good in design, you may consider hiring an interior designer for them to suggest and decide what colors, design, style and texture in contrast to your walls and even to match with your existing furniture and decors at home. But there are flooring companies like Express Flooring which offers free decorating advice and even bring their carpet samples into your home together with their design consultants. As part of the package make sure to ask them if they do offer the same service to save your dollars.

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