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How to Design Your Kitchen? – Tips

Imagine your kitchen with all messed up things and gloomy look. Don’t you think your kitchen needs a perfect plan too, like your other rooms? Kitchen is the area where most delicious food items are prepared for you and your family. The food with lip smacking taste is possible only when your kitchen flooring and interiors are designed flawlessly. A good interior gives you a good frame of mind and energy to bring out the best of the cuisine.

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Express Flooring Offers More Sizzle for Your Nickel

“Laminate sales are on an all high despite the drop in economy. Customers are not refraining from purchasing the products they wish for to get a luscious desirable look for their home or office. However they want to get the product without burning a hole in the pocket. In others words, customers wish for more worth for their money”, voices Greg Gilmartin, Customer Relations Director, Express Flooring.

Styles, Patterns and color selections vary from area to area across the country and few styles go far beyond the State County and stretches from coastline to coastline. Products with unique specialties have set the cash registers ringing even during the tough times. Express Flooring identifies the need to be in the competition by channeling the latest and hot selling products dispensed by the suppliers. Express Flooring continuously impresses its customers by having in vogue styles, patterns and dedicated staff that are trained and talented to assist you in selecting the ideal flooring material to decorate your home or office. Continue reading

Express Flooring Assistance with your Home Flooring Needs

  • Express Flooring has a vast collection of flooring materials ranging from carpet, tile, vinyl, and stone, wood to laminate.
  • We at Express Flooring offer for sale exclusive varieties of flooring material to suit your needs and make your dream project come true.
  • We have huge warehouses and exclusive showrooms to cater to all our customers and even have the flexibility to provide next day installation for all our in stock flooring products.
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Express Flooring Can Make Your Family Room Look Larger

Family room is the place where we usually spend a lot of time. It can be used as a recreation room where kids play, and entertainment area or just a cosy place where you would like to relax. You need not worry about the size of your room as installing the perfect flooring material would enhance its looks and make it look magnified than its original size.

A wide floor tile, like 24”x24”, 20”x20”and 18”x18” literally plays tricks on the human eye, by making the room it is installed in seem bigger. Installing wider floor tiles to your room, rather than the conventional size 13” or 12” will enhance the appearance of your room. The grout lines trick the human eye. Tiles with more grout lines make the room seem smaller in which they are installed whereas tiles with few grout lines make the room seem bigger in which they are installed. A tile with less grout is very convenient to maintain as clean as the area for staining reduces. Continue reading