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Express Flooring Offers More Sizzle for Your Nickel

“Laminate sales are on an all high despite the drop in economy. Customers are not refraining from purchasing the products they wish for to get a luscious desirable look for their home or office. However they want to get the product without burning a hole in the pocket. In others words, customers wish for more worth for their money”, voices Greg Gilmartin, Customer Relations Director, Express Flooring.

Styles, Patterns and color selections vary from area to area across the country and few styles go far beyond the State County and stretches from coastline to coastline. Products with unique specialties have set the cash registers ringing even during the tough times. Express Flooring identifies the need to be in the competition by channeling the latest and hot selling products dispensed by the suppliers. Express Flooring continuously impresses its customers by having in vogue styles, patterns and dedicated staff that are trained and talented to assist you in selecting the ideal flooring material to decorate your home or office. Continue reading

Express Flooring Assistance with your Home Flooring Needs

  • Express Flooring has a vast collection of flooring materials ranging from carpet, tile, vinyl, and stone, wood to laminate.
  • We at Express Flooring offer for sale exclusive varieties of flooring material to suit your needs and make your dream project come true.
  • We have huge warehouses and exclusive showrooms to cater to all our customers and even have the flexibility to provide next day installation for all our in stock flooring products.
  • We extend our services to whole of Arizona, Denver, Colorado and neighboring areas, satisfying millions of customers every day. Continue reading

Laminate Flooring with New Features for Commercial Durability

“Express Flooring has a new range of commercial flooring material with stunning patterns and amazing durability, that presents designers and architects with an impeccable combination of performance and design”, voices Greg Gilmartin, Product Director with Express Flooring operating in Arizona, Tucson & Phoenix markets.

This material, unique and credible wood appearance manufactured through a breakthrough technology produces bright color, pattern, texture and natural look of real hardwood. Laminate is available in either 5” individual wide planks or 71/4” multiple planks that makes installation effortless. “Our new range of commercial laminates presents real flexibility with excellent visual appeal and performance,” says Greg Gilmartin. Express Flooring has a wide selection of commercial Laminate that will increase the attractive looks of any room. Continue reading

Express Flooring Philosophy

Express Flooring’s philosophy for doing business has encouraged us to expand into more than a simple flooring company. Express Flooring has rapidly found itself climb the ladder as one of the m successfully expanding flooring organizations in the nation. There is nothing concealed behind our companies success. Hard work, Prompt service and dedication to satisfy our clients’ requirements are essential to make us successful. We have meticulously considered the process in stages to ensure our customers have a supreme shopping experience.

Express Flooring takes extensive time and efforts to select adept design consultants who undergo thorough background check and have years of expertise in designing homes and offices. Express Flooring is equipped with top notch design specialists in the flooring industry, along with a 24*7 operational call center that is dedicated for the flooring customers. Customers can enjoy the privilege of scheduling an “In home free estimate” or enquire their queries regarding the choice of flooring materials suitable for their home or office. We create a rapport with our customers by taking their requirements and providing a solution to their queries. Continue reading

Express Flooring Shows Versatility, Innovation and Style in 2013

Express Flooring has a vast array of all these flooring materials from elite brands, which are merchandised directly from the manufacturer without burning a hole in your pocket.

Types of Flooring

There are abundant varieties of flooring materials available in the market. Opting for the perfect flooring for your home or business organization, is easy if few points are considered. The different types of flooring materials that Express Flooring retails in are: Continue reading

Express Flooring Complaints – A Sign of Success

“No organization is defect less but we assure you, we initiate every possible authentic effort to attain perfectness”. Express Flooring has succeeded to expand their business steadily from the time it first started, even through the recession period. Businesses don’t expand on streaks of luck. Definite calculated measures like hard work and prompt services must be executed meticulously in order to keep up with high competition and provide steady growth.

Express Flooring has rapidly become the main target of competing businesses. Express Flooring tries to make a mark for itself and become a leading supplier by providing prompt services and attending to all the grievances of its customers. Unfortunately, there is only one leader in flooring services and everyone wants to be in that position with you. In order to retain the first position in a volatile market, Express Flooring completes 1000’s of flooring jobs per year. With such a large volume of job works going out daily, complaints are bound to occur. The way you react and provide a commendable solution to those complaints, determine your ability and skills to retain the first position in the market. Continue reading

How to Preventing Mold Formation on Your Flooring

Mold is a bacterium that is found in areas where there is more moisture and dampness. It is usually black or brown in color. Mold is air borne and develops in area that is ideal for their survival without distinguishing if the flooring is neat or no. Mold formation ruins the beauty and appearance of your flooring and it develops in moist areas that remain wet for a long time.

The ideal places where you can find mold formation on your floor is the bathroom as it remains moist for a long period of time. Following these simple steps will ensure you as to how to control the mold formation. Continue reading

Flooring Options for Home or Business Establishments

There are various varieties of flooring materials available in the market. Selecting the right flooring for your home or business establishment, is easy if few points are taken into consideration. The various types of flooring include Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, and Vinyl.

Flooring Option 1: Carpet

  • Carpet is the most favored flooring material as it is soft, comfortable and provides warmth to the room it is installed in.
  • Carpets are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and designs. Few of the important carpet textures that are commonly used are
  • Wool Carpets: These carpets are favored because of its durability and sturdiness over time. It has high flexibility and can sustain compression, making it tolerant to liquid spills. These carpets can be cleaned and maintained effortlessly. These carpets are slightly expensive compared to other carpet variations.
  • Nylon Carpets: These carpets are commonly used as they are readily available, durable and easy to dye. Stubborn stains and spots can be easily removed from these carpets. These carpets are ideal for high foot traffic areas. Continue reading

How To Care For Laminate Flooring

If you have laminate flooring in your home, you know that it is one of the most durable types of flooring available as well as one of the most easy types to take care of. Even though laminate is low maintenance, there are still certain cleaning and care tips that you should follow to keep your laminate flooring strong and looking new and shiny and beautiful for years to come.

Laminate flooring is designed to resist scratching and gouging, but it is still vulnerable to abrasive cleaners, soaps, and the biggest source of all scratches-dirt tracked in under shoes. If you aren’t careful, the protective coating on your laminate flooring can wear away and will need to be replace. You can prevent this by placing protective casters on your furniture and enforcing a no shoes rule inside of your house. Also, be sure never to drag furniture across your floors, since this can cause scratching and gouging as well. Area rugs can also be used to protect your floor, and floor mats should be used in case family members and visitors forget to remove their shoes. You should also wear socks or slippers whenever possible, since the oils in your feet can cause damage, and also cause dirt to cling to them which is then transferred to your floor. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Floor for Your Bathroom

Choosing the best type of flooring type for your bathroom depends on your budget, your personal tastes and preferences, and the size and layout of the room. Bathroom floors need to be tough and strong enough to withstand water leaks, while at the same time be comfortable enough on your bare feet.

Many people choose vinyl tile for their bathroom floors since it is relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain, and comfortable. Vinyl flooring also comes in a wide variety of patterns, styles, and colors to fit your decorating tastes. Ceramic tiles are also a popular, but slightly more expensive option, due to their beauty, durability, and comfort. Wood and marble flooring types are more expensive, and are generally not recommended for bathroom floors since they are easily stained and damaged. Wood flooring, in particular is prone to water damage, and marble flooring is soft and can easily be scratched and stained. With proper care and maintenance, these flooring types can be good options, however. Just be prepared to invest a little more time when it comes to cleaning and protecting them. Continue reading