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Express Flooring Can Make Your Family Room Look Larger

Family room is the place where we usually spend a lot of time. It can be used as a recreation room where kids play, and entertainment area or just a cosy place where you would like to relax. You need not worry about the size of your room as installing the perfect flooring material would enhance its looks and make it look magnified than its original size.

A wide floor tile, like 24”x24”, 20”x20”and 18”x18” literally plays tricks on the human eye, by making the room it is installed in seem bigger. Installing wider floor tiles to your room, rather than the conventional size 13” or 12” will enhance the appearance of your room. The grout lines trick the human eye. Tiles with more grout lines make the room seem smaller in which they are installed whereas tiles with few grout lines make the room seem bigger in which they are installed. A tile with less grout is very convenient to maintain as clean as the area for staining reduces. Continue reading