Express Flooring Complaints – A Sign of Success

“No organization is defect less but we assure you, we initiate every possible authentic effort to attain perfectness”. Express Flooring has succeeded to expand their business steadily from the time it first started, even through the recession period. Businesses don’t expand on streaks of luck. Definite calculated measures like hard work and prompt services must be executed meticulously in order to keep up with high competition and provide steady growth.

Express Flooring has rapidly become the main target of competing businesses. Express Flooring tries to make a mark for itself and become a leading supplier by providing prompt services and attending to all the grievances of its customers. Unfortunately, there is only one leader in flooring services and everyone wants to be in that position with you. In order to retain the first position in a volatile market, Express Flooring completes 1000’s of flooring jobs per year. With such a large volume of job works going out daily, complaints are bound to occur. The way you react and provide a commendable solution to those complaints, determine your ability and skills to retain the first position in the market.

To efficiently manage every sector of the business, Express Flooring has set up individual departments to take care of customer complaints and provide exemplary service. Express Flooring has even designed a training program for its technicians to effectually handle the complaints. Role play is carried out, as a segment of Express Flooring’s training program to ensure our technicians and staff handle any issues related to flooring skillfully with a professional attitude. “A customer complaint is half successfully resolved with the right attitude.

Express Flooring does not proclaim to be a flawless company or declare that they have never made mistakes. However we learn from our mistakes and assure our clients exceptional service by attending to the areas where the customer feels we have flaws. We at Express Flooring pledge to do everything in our power to strive for perfectness and constantly administer ideas to provide an absolute supreme floor covering experience.

18 thoughts on “Express Flooring Complaints – A Sign of Success

  1. Rob

    Glad to hear that you can make this statement.. I had a huge problem with sears and a fridge (i know its not floors) but no one would own up to their issues, it took 6 months to finally get somewhere.

  2. Don Purdum

    I agree, how you handle complaints says a lot about the company and it’s values. I love two statements in particular:

    “A customer complaint is half successfully resolved with the right attitude.”
    “Express Flooring does not proclaim to be a flawless company or declare that they have never made mistakes.”

    It’s always a process of growing and learning. The more you do, the more successful you become. Great article!

  3. Deanna Heiliger

    I couldn’t agree more, “A customer complaint is half successfully resolved with the right attitude.” It is so great that you give your employees training to handle complaints, because there are so many companies that lack in customer service. That makes all the difference in the world!

  4. Deborah

    I think most customers just want to be heard and to get a problem resolved. You’re right, no company is perfect. But, you can strive to be great and to take care of issues as they arise.

  5. Loretta

    Absolutely important to know before choosing a flooring company… How well they work with customers when there’s a complaint. Great post!

  6. tina

    Complaints are now a part of every-day business. It’s sad, because the more you are respected and highly regarded, the more competition seeks way to strike you down. I am certain you are where you are because you deal with every issue in a highly professional manner. I can “hear” your slogan in my head, and I look forward to your posts every day. Thanks for being a shining example of American business.

  7. Heather Petersen

    I think that all a person can do is their best. It is good to be able handle things when complaints come in.

  8. Yvonne Brown

    My neighbor just had hard wood floors installed in her home and the work was so loud that her mother had to stay with us for the day. This experience showed me how much work goes into the job. People do not want to redo their floors, it’s just not something that people want to spend their time dealing with, this is why it is so critical to get it done right the first time. I appreciate your realistic approach to learning from past mistakes to improve. I respect that.

  9. Meli

    Companies can lose business when they make mistakes, however, it’s how those mistakes are dealt with that actually makes all the difference! Statistics even show that when a company resolves an issue equitably, not necessarily even in the clients favor, the client will return to the business.

  10. TERRY

    AMEN !! We can always learn from our mistakes if we are open to listen.
    You sound like a company I would like to deal with.

  11. Jennifer Clay

    Sounds like a great company. I like the training method for new employees. I think that it is great to train employees on how to handle complaints in a manner where it can be fixed.


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