Express Flooring Offers More Sizzle for Your Nickel

“Laminate sales are on an all high despite the drop in economy. Customers are not refraining from purchasing the products they wish for to get a luscious desirable look for their home or office. However they want to get the product without burning a hole in the pocket. In others words, customers wish for more worth for their money”, voices Greg Gilmartin, Customer Relations Director, Express Flooring.

Styles, Patterns and color selections vary from area to area across the country and few styles go far beyond the State County and stretches from coastline to coastline. Products with unique specialties have set the cash registers ringing even during the tough times. Express Flooring identifies the need to be in the competition by channeling the latest and hot selling products dispensed by the suppliers. Express Flooring continuously impresses its customers by having in vogue styles, patterns and dedicated staff that are trained and talented to assist you in selecting the ideal flooring material to decorate your home or office.

Laminate Flooring – Worth for your Money

  • Laminate flooring is extremely durable as it is made up of three layers fused together under high pressure. 
  • Laminate replicates the look and feel of natural stone, tile and hardwood flooring at a reasonable cost as its top layer is a photograph that is affixed to it using a resin based adhesive. 
  • It can be installed in any area of your home or office and can withstand scratches and stains. 
  • It does not fade or lose color when exposed to direct sunlight. 
  • It has an exceptional feature as it can resist fire and does not burn. 
  • It can withstand chemicals and is very easy to clean liquid spills or food spills.

The durability and luscious looks of laminate flooring that are reasonably priced will continue to retain its popularity for many years down the line. “Express Flooring staff particularly enjoy the wear resistance test we show to our potential clients. Our clients’ watch us with amusement as we light the sample laminates on fire without damaging the product”, voices Gilmartin!

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