Laminate an Amicable Flooring Choice

Laminate Flooring is generally treated exclusively as a substitute for Hardwood or Tile a few years back. However , Laminate in recent times are appealing more shoppers, as it is sturdy, long-lasting and needs minimum efforts to install.

Laminate Features

  • Fire Resistant: Laminate Flooring can endure fire, and does not discolor or burn. For Example, If you accidentally drop a burning cigar without putting it off on your laminate floor, it burns for a couple of seconds, but does not leave any spots or discolor the flooring.
  • Scratch Resistant: Laminate Flooring is dependable and can sustain high foot traffic. So you can go ahead and install laminate flooring in your homes or business establishments, without fear of it being scratched by stiletto heels, dragging of furniture and pets.
  • Discoloring Resistant: Laminate Flooring is resistant to Ultra Violet rays, and does not fade or lose color when exposed to direct sunlight. This enables you to have a long –lasting laminate floor for years to go.
  • Chemical Resistant: Laminate Flooring is resistant to chemicals and natural solvents like lipstick, coffee, juice, tea and red wine from seeping into its core. A tiny bit of acetone can be used to remove stubborn stains without ruining the appearance of the laminate flooring.
  • Environment Friendly: Laminate Flooring is environment friendly and can be reused many times. It can be effortlessly removed into parts which make it easy to re-install. This feature makes laminate a flawless flooring material.

Laminate Manufacturing Methods

The breakthrough production procedure of Laminate Flooring has made it an absolute preference for many homeowners and business establishments. Laminate is produced using three basic layers: The ornamental Layer, The pivotal Layer, and The base Layer that are well bonded together under high pressure using a lamination process.

  • The Ornamental Layer: It is the top most layers, which gives the grace and grandeur to laminate flooring. This layer is honestly a high resolution image of either hardwood or tile, which is fixed using a resin-based adhesive which contains aluminum oxide. This layer gives Laminate durability to sustain scratches, Ultra Violet Rays, and Chemicals.
  • The Pivotal Layer: This is the most important layer which contributes to the durability of Laminate Flooring. It is made from a high density fiberboard that is extremely compressed. This layer gives Laminate sturdiness and longevity.
  • The Base Layer: The base or Final Layer binds the entire Laminate together that makes it dependable and sturdy. This layer is made to float over the supplementary flooring it is installed on, making the laminate a floating floor. This layer prevents any dampness present in the supplementary floor from entering the Laminate.

Laminate Installation Techniques

Laminate Installation mechanism is more adaptable and effortless because of its leading-edge production process that has familiarized a new idea of Glue-less Laminate. This method has discrete tongue and groove corners that click in and hold together without any extra adhesive, making it convenient to install on any supplementary floor excluding carpet. This installation process is gaining recognition because its installation is simple and can be walked upon right away.


Laminate on the whole is considered a sturdy and long-lasting flooring surface, and is explicitly suitable for homes with children and pets. Laminate flooring is designed not to lose color due to repeated exposure to sunlight. Initially it was put to use as a kitchen counter-top solution, however laminate now is the most excellent choice when a leak-proof, polished, and sturdy surface is needed. Laminate flooring achieved an immediate recognition because of its ease to install and durability which is its main trait. For business establishments and homes that are looking for a reasonable and durable flooring option, Laminate is the flawless choice, which comes in an ample range of motifs and patterns.Laminate flooring is chosen by millions of shoppers worldwide because of its magnificent finish and longevity. For long-lasting, durable laminate flooring Express Flooring is the matchless option. Express Flooring markets high quality Laminate from top notch brands at economical tariffs.

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