7 Amazing Ways to Get a Lighter Bedroom

Creating extra light in a bedroom, whether daylight or artificial light, is a common question posed on forums and in emails. It’s actually very easy to create more lighting in a dark bedroom and in this article I will explain how.

1. Lighten the color of the walls

White walls reflect more light than darker ones. If your bedroom walls are a darker tone of blue, red or green, then think about using white paint instead. This will increase the amount of natural daylight during the day as well as the amount of artificial light at night.

2. Lighten the color of the floor

As with the walls, the colour of the floor can have a dramatic effect on the overall amount of light in a bedroom. Dark flooring might seem a good choice to hide stains and marks but it does little to add brightness and light. Depending on your bedroom design theme, consider lighter colours such as white and cream. This can be in the form of carpeting or painted floorboards.

3. Lighten the color of the curtains

The curtains reside where the entry of natural light is most apparent. With this in mind, look for colours that lend themselves to the reflection of light, such as white, light blues and cream-colored natural fibres. If you live in an area where street lamps and traffic glare are not a problem, then it’s worthwhile choosing thin fabrics that will let in more natural daylight in the morning.

4. Curtain Holdbacks

Curtain holdbacks are the small hooks found on the walls beside the inside window frame. They are ideal accessories which allow curtains and drapes to be neatly hooked out of the way of the window and as a result increase the amount of light that enters the bedroom. Curtain holdbacks come in many shapes and sizes. Some are supplied with the curtains but in other cases the hooks can be easily purchased at most hardware stores.

5. Increase the number of lamps

Depending on the size of your bedroom, try increasing the number of table lamps you have. One each side of the bed will add extra light to a room at night time. This will also help when reading in bed. The optimal height for a table lamp is around 25 inches. Consider too, installing flexible wall lamps than can be pointed in certain directions to increase light in a certain corner or area of the bedroom.

6. Light objects and decorative art.

If your bedroom is too dark, especially if its small, it might be worthwhile investing in some objects that will increase the amount of light. Glass, metal or white ceramic vases with flowers can add both extra reflection and also added colour to an interior. White picture frames, ceramics, sculptures and poster art can also be used. Aluminium and steel objects will also add brightness to a bedroom especially during the daylight hours.

7. Add Mirrors

Mirrors make a small bedroom look bigger but they also increase the amount of light in a room. If there is a bare wall in your bedroom then think about purchasing a long mirror to go there which will also serve as a useful aid when getting prepared for work in the morning. There are many decorative mirrors on sale which can add an elegant or exciting quality to a bedroom.

Increasing the amount of light in a dark bedroom doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour. With these seven simple steps you will find that it’s actually very easy to add extra light to a room.

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